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L.D. Bell Band Concerto Competition

We are excited to be hosting our inaugural Concerto Competition for the L.D. Bell Band on Monday, May 20 at 6:00 pm in the L.D. Bell Auditorium. This event will be an adjudicated recital and dessert reception featuring twelve of our finest performing musicians from the L.D. Bell Band.

How to Qualify

The HEBISD Solo Contest on Saturday, May 4 will serve as the preliminary round of the Concerto Competition. Judges will be selecting six performers (two woodwinds, two brass, and two percussion) from the varsity and non-varsity level to advance to the Concerto Competition finals on May 20.


Finals trophies (1st through 3rd place) will be awarded for outstanding performers in the Varsity and Non-Varsity divisions.


Varsity Division consists of students enrolled in Wind Symphony. 

Non-Varsity Division is comprised of students enrolled in Symphonic Band and Concert Band.

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