HEB Marching Contest Schedule- Saturday, September 29

3:30 pm- Call time for Guard at Side 2 locker rooms for hair and makeup
3:30 pm- Hair Braiding Outside GABCTEA
4:15 pm- Call time for all at Warm Up Area A (designated warm up area closest to GABCTEA) in blue drywicks, wind shorts, black socks, black marching shoes
4:30-6:30 pm- Rehearsal
6:30-8:00 pm- On own for dinner
8:00 pm- Call time for Pit at trucks to unload, Guard at Side 2 locker rooms
8:15 pm- Call time for Winds and Battery at trucks in full uniform to take attendance, organize equipment, get water, transition into Warm Up
8:50-9:35 pm- Warm Up in Area C
10:00 pmHEB Marching Contest Performance
10:15 pm- Load equipment and dismiss

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