Marching Uniform Turn- In- December 3, 4, 5

We will be collecting marching uniforms on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, December 3-5. Parents will be on hand before school (8 am) on all three days to collect. If a student has a zero period class, they may send it with a friend OR bring it between zero and first periods. They will receive a late pass to go to first period.

  • Students must turn in all pieces and parts of uniform, except for gloves and shoes.
  • Uniforms must be CLEAN and ON HANGERS.
  • Uniforms must be returned in the garment bag they were issued with.
  • Any missing uniform items will be charged to student accounts with the school.
  • Please, students, get organized and take care of this very important task on the assigned daysJ
  • If you can assist with organization and collection, please contact Vickie Wild (
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