Bands of America DFW Itinerary

Bands of America DFW Itinerary, Saturday, October 5

10:30 am- Band Hall opens and hair braiding begins at Raider Bowl
10:50 am-Call @ Raider Bowl in full uniform (leave all non-necessary items in band hall first!)
11:10 am-12:10 pm- Stretch/Movement Fundamentals/Visual Run-Through
12:10 pm-Restroom and load
12:20 pm-Depart Raider Bowl
12:30 pm- Arrive @ Pennington Field
12:30-1:30 pm-unload pit and props/restroom/org. equip./get water, wraps & plume/assemble for trans.
1:30 pm-trans. to warm-up Area A
1:45 pm-standing by @ Area A
1:55-2:25 pm- pit warm-up @ Area A
1:55-2:40 pm-band warm-up @ Area A
2:35 pm- pit report to gate
2:50 pm- band report to gate
3:00 pm-Prelims performance
3:30-4:00 pm-pack and load
4:00 pm-depart Pennington Field (drum majors stay behind)
4:05 pm-arrive at L.D. Bell HS
5:15 pm- Presentation of Awards
5:45 pm- Finalist Directors Meeting

Finals Schedule- pending advancement
(schedule based on earliest possible draw of anticipated Prelims placement)
*Students will be fed dinner. Time of dinner dependent on evening schedule.
4:00 pm-5:00 pm-restroom/eat snack/change into full uniform
5:15 pm-load
5:20 pm-depart L.D. Bell HS
5:35 pm-arrive at Pennington Field
5:35 pm-6:30 pm-unload pit & props/restroom/org. equip./get water, wrap & plume/assemble for trans.
6:30 pm-trans. to warm-up
6:45 pm-standing by assigned warm-up area
6:55-7:25 pm- pit warm-up
6:55 pm-7:40 pm-warm-up
7:50 pm-report to gate
8:00 pm-Finals Performance
10:45 pm-full retreat
11:45 pm-load
11:50 pm-depart Pennington Field
12:00 am-arrive at L.D. Bell HS

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