Summer Band begins Monday, July 23rd

2018 Summer Band will begin on Monday, July 23 and run through Friday, August 17. As a reminder, this is when we learn the majority of our marching band production and consistent attendance is critical to our success. A more detailed schedule of the rehearsal blocks will be sent out via Band News and posted to the website the week prior.

Here are some things that students will need to ensure a successful and productive Summer Band:

Quality athletic shoes – We will spend a LOT of time on our feet. Proper fitting shoes with adequate arch and ankle support are a must. Almost any time a student experiences foot pain or shin pain, it is a shoe issue.

Athletic apparel –  Marching is physically demanding and it gets hot! Shirts and especially shorts made from moisture-wicking fabric is advisable to help keep you cool and dry.
Denim or cargo style shorts will hold moisture and be very uncomfortable.

Sunscreen –  While we structure our rehearsals to be outside in the morning and evening, we will be out in the hot summer sun, so sunscreen is a necessity. Remember that lips can also get burnt, so get some lip balm with an SPF!

Water Jug – 32 oz. capacity or higher. It is critical that students stay hydrated. We incorporate regular hydration breaks into our rehearsal schedule. Please have water at every outdoor rehearsal!

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