2018 L.D. Bell Color Guard

Thank you to all who tried out for Color Guard and congratulations to the 2018 Blue Raider Band Color Guard. There will be an important parent meeting on Tuesday, April 24 at 6 pm in the Band Hall. Please let your parents know.

Al-Fidaghee, Lujain

Attaguile, Amiana

Baxter, Adrian*

Brown, Sofia

Campbell, Katelyn

Canada, Laura

Castillo, Daniela

Cervantes, Rachel

Chacko, Tesna

Coats, Amelia

Cole, Zaskia

Davis, Kristopher

Davis, Morgan

DeHorney, Zora

Eiserloh, Kinsley

Fasil, Feaven

Forney, Alyssa*

Ganlindo, Yesica

Gonzales, Emily

Good, Kylie

Gray, Haley

Gray, Hannah

Hamilton, Kristy

Heald, Emily

Hernandez, Nieves*

Hill, Lindsey

Holsomback, Georgia

Ingersoll, Grace

Knight, Kathryn

Knittle, Kiley

Laferriere, Desiree*

Lam, Linda

Lawson, Kelsea

Lelux, Mariah

Lugo, Samantha

Luu, Angela

Mahiga, Beatrice

Martin, Lily

Martin, Rebecka

Maughmer, Bianca

McClelland, Sydney

McKee, Kate

Molnar, Camryn

Mosely, Akira

Munoz, Serena

Muthuri, Angel

Pearce, Christie

Rojas, Mariah

Scott, Bria

Shelton, Megan

Shufford, Brianna

Siebenthall, Avery

Smith, Kylie

Stockel, Aubrie

Stroman, Katherine

Taylor, Jillia

Thomason, Kaitlyn

Townsend, Kaitlin

Valdez, Jaeden

Venegas, Caroline

White, Linai


*- please see Mrs. Dell

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